Monday, November 09, 2009

Latvian Mitten Knit-Along

It has been quite awhile since I last posted. I have been knitting and will slowly feature my finished projects here over the next few weeks.
This Picture is the start of my latest project, “Latvian Mittens”. Our knitter’s guild, NVKG, is having a knit-along. Our president and treasurer took a Latvian Mitten knitting class last summer. They liked it so much they wanted to share.
They came up with a modified pattern and started to explain the cuff detail in our November meeting. About thirty of our member all started along. We learned how to do a modified long tail cast on which uses two different colors. The braid detail is purl stitches where the back of the stitch is actually carried in front of the work instead of the back. By twisting this yarn as you go along you get the raised looking braid. It will be fun to see the results of all our members.
The basic pattern calls for light, medium, and dark wool. Of course I couldn’t settle on just three colors so I am using all of them mixed in. I like the basic green tones when they are highlighted by the bright blues. I got a chance to knit in the car while we drove to the Cape for the weekend. That’s how I got so far.

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uurchin said...

Finish these! I love them (it)